Honda CRF 250cc

Date: 23/05/2017|Views: 782

 Honda CRF 250cc
 Honda CRF 250cc
 Honda CRF 250cc
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For some reasons, most of Vietnamese people ride a under 175cc motorbike or scooter . firstly, the bigger motorbike we have to import and the government charge the import tax at least 100% with a huge fee on registration so generally it may cost twice as expensive as in foreign country.( it’s too expensive for most of people in Vietnam)

The Honda’s engine was much improved for 2016 and as expected the 2017 is no different. Throttle response is very clean and crisp while bottom end pulling power is strong. Out of tight corners (that require second gear) the CRF250R pulls better than the KTM 250 SX-F and feels meaty. However, the torque feeling is not as good as the YZ250F, but the Honda does feel exceptional when the track is on the tighter side. Through the mid-range the Honda will continue to pull well, but it loses some of its “meat” or torque feeling once higher up in the rpm. While second gear pulls far, third gear is a little short. With the stock gearing it feels like you need to shift to fourth more than other 250F’s to keep it from revving out. We are going to try and change gearing in the upcoming weeks to see if this help third gear pull a little further. The Honda’s top end is great if you can shift correctly and let it pull you around before it starts to rev out. Once the Honda starts to over-rev it can really lose momentum quickly. Unlike other 250F’s we have tried, the Honda seems to fall of more when being over-revved, so make sure to shift a little early and the Honda will reward you around the track..


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